Best Android TV of the market?

The best Android TV Box

Best Android TV of the market ?

If you do not know which one is the best Android TV for your living room, we have to look at the products in two ways: first, what product has the best performance and second, which one is the best Android TV for our particular case. This article explores the different products on the market for every kind of people and needs, by looking at the use we want to giveand how much or can spend.

So which one is the best Android TV of the market ?

To choose which one is the best Android TV, we need to know what differences have one to each other and why one is better than another. The first thing to consider is the use we are going to give, because if you only want to watch movies on TV, the best Android Android TV for you it would be a stick with android, with 1GB of RAM and a good processor. But if you want to see streaming, play games, etc, things change. So we have divided the article into the following sections:

  • The best Android TV to watch movies
  • The best Android TV for streaming
  • The best Android TV for games
  • The best Android TV for all

The best Android TV to watch movies

If you are looking for an Android TV to use the media player, you can choose any Android stick because it really needs to have 1Gb of RAM to go pretty well for what you want if you do not mind not have much connectivity, USB or many ports, etc. In general, you can find these Android sticks for the price of around 20-60 pounds. Among the many Android TV that let you watch movies withouth any problems and cheap, you have the M8 Quad-core, an Android TV perfect for you.

The best Android TV for streaming

The best Android TV Box streaming
If you are looking for an Android TV to watch movies, series, live football online and other things, then things change. In fact, for this type of content is when you have to choose an Android TV from the last generation, although it is obviously more expensive, it will not give you problems when watching streaming online. The specifications to look for are: a good processor if possible 4-core, GPU of at least 4 cores and 2 GB of RAM. In these cases the Android sticks will not work even if they have good specs because they probably will overheat, shutting down every few minutes and leaving you without seeing the films. So the best choice will always be an Android TV box. Among the possibilities that are in the market, there are two models of the same brand that will go well. The first one is the Minix Neo X7, which would serve to our case and is well priced. The second and the best options is the Minix Neo X8-H, which for 30 pounds extra, you not only will have access to 4K resolutions and many more options, but an Android TV Box of this type will work with everything, like games, streaming, excellent connectivity, own applications, etc. You can also find the new version of the Minix Neo-X8-H PLUS which offers a better processor. Another Android tv prepare for all this kind of content is the RKM MK80 Allwinner A80 that brings an impressive AllWinner processor.

The best Android TV for games

If what you want is to play Android games on your TV screen, the most important thing to remember is to have bluetooth or OTG port to connect our gamepads (PS3, Xbox, etc), with at least 1GB of RAM, 2GB would be better and a GPU for graphics with at least four cores, such as Mali-400 and if it is possible to have a version of Android 4.2 at least so we can intall most of the games in Google Play. In this regard there are different choices because today there are many Android TV offering enough good features to play at very different prices. Still, if you have money and you want to have the best and not have problems with either games or anything, you can get the Minix Neo X8-H or the RKM MK80 Allwinner A80.

The best Android TV for all

Undoubtedly for us right now, one of the best Android TV with a reasonable price for all benefits that it brings, is the Minix Neo X8-H. Of all its features, it has a GPU with eight cores, brings XBMC installed (especially for this model), has bluetooth, OTG port, USB ports and a Amlogic processor at 2GHz, which makes everything work smoothly. The other model to emerge as best tv android is the RKM MK80 Allwinner A80 which it comes with a better processor than the Minix Neo X8-H and price wise they are pretty even.